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    Smile VIX Team Vu+ Duo Image - 05/09/2010

    New VIX Image - v1.0
    05/09/2010 - OE1.6

    From VIX Team

    Based on Official 5.2 Image

    Enigma: 28.07.2010-vuplus_experimental.
    Drivers: 27.08.2010.
    GCC Version: 4.4.3.

    Team VIX Enhancements

    • VIX Bootlogos and Radio Logo.
    • VIX Team Vu_HD+ Skin.
    • VIX Team softcam manager.
    • Cron jobs fully supported - Please restart the box to get the cron daemon running!
    • AutoTimer plugin integrated into image - Create an AutoTimer (Series Link), using Blue button in Current Channel EPG info.
    • Cool TV Guide Plugin (by Coolman) included in image, and modified to better embed with the image.
    • CCcam Info re-written for Image.
    • CCcam Info on Second Info Bar (Written specifically for the image to improve load times).
    • Swap Manager to create/use swap files on usb/hdd.
    • Modified Rytec EPG importer to work with OE 1.6*.
    • Image patched to allow EPG data to be loaded without the need for a restart**.
    • Recorded Items list modified to move item, browse directories. Works similarly to suomipoeka plugin. Can be selected to load via the recorded items button, or from the tv button.
    • Permanent Timeshift Plugin integrated (Disabled by default, turn on via Timeshift settings).
    • Integrated AutoTimer
    • Integrated VirtualZap
    • Integrated EPG Search
    • Integrated IMDb Search

    * Pre-compiled epg.dat files can also be loaded with this plugin, but the rytec epg.dats can cause problems. So far in testing, satmate epg's seem fine.
    **Uses version2 of the crossepg patch, and is compatible with crossepg.

    Button Mappings

    • Short Red - Show current event info.
    • Long Red - Show current channel EPG info.
    • Short Green - Timers.
    • Long Green - AutoTimer Timers.
    • Short Yellow - EPG Search.
    • Long Yellow - IMDB Database.
    • Short Blue - Extensions.
    • Long Blue - Plugins Menu.
    • EPG - Opens the Cool TV Guide plugin

    Known Bugs

    • Motor moving image does not display - Problem with main driver, reported to VU+.
    • Front VFD display showing the play button at the end of a video unless it is stopped manually - Problem with main driver, reported to VU+.
    • ECM time on second info bar in skin is not currently shown - New version of CCcam needed for OE1.6. ( fix is unstable).
    • Installing other skins will cause the box to get into an infinite loop. Only use supported skins on this image (currently Vu_HD_Plus is the only supported skin)


    Loading Screen:

    Starting Enigma II Screen:

    Radio Screen:


    Main Menu:

    System Menu:

    Plugins Main:

    Plugins Download:


    Softcam Setup:

    Vu HD+ Main Menu:

    Skin Setup:

    Swap Manager:


    Program Guide:

    EPG Grabber Setup:

    Cool TV Guide:

    Cool TV Guide Setup:


    Recorded Files:


    Alternative Download Link:

    Attached Files Attached Files
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