Hi everyone, I bought a portable speaker from aldi a couple of weeks ago for €14.99, I was shocked at how good the sound quality is for such a small speaker it's quite loud! It has AUX in, headphone, SD Card Support, and USB for ipod and other mp3 players. There is also a mini usb for charging it and it also works as a seprate audio device for PC's which don't have a sound card which I was surprised. What I was really surprised at was the battery it looks identical to a nokia BL-5C phone battery it also has BL-5C written on it! and it has the same design printed on it apart from the nokia hologram and nokia written on it. I have a few old nokia phones lying around and the batteries fit in it perfect! I also have a nokia BLC-4C Battery which is the same size and voltage but is 850mah compared to 500mah (More play time!) It also has a round button on it which controls the volume and if you have a mp3 player connected you can change tracks back and forward, But you can't skip directory which is a bit of a pain, you can only play one track after the other (but you can use the AUX in instead of the USB and control the songs from your mp3 player) besides this it's a great little speaker you can't complain for the price, you could easily pay €100+ for something similar I'm well delighted