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20-07-17, 10:04
As above - ive been doing some experimenting with my lg oled tv and got it working on there (found a provider). While the LG works and works great i cant record on it but, id rather use the 4k solo to do the job (keeping all the sources in one place as it were) and, im assuming that i may be able to record???

Anyway - i found a tool to convert the m3u into an xml file and import on to the 4k (it went into the bouquets) but - i dont get anything....is there something im missing or is it just literally the m3u list import and then it works?? or is there an iptv plugin of some sort that must be running in the background?

Cheers to anyone that has a crack at it!

20-07-17, 10:31
Best using E-Channelizer and importing the m3u and tinkering about creating Bouquets etc & linking your epg to each Stream etc. Not a 2 min job unfortunately if you want to do a proper job of it.

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20-07-17, 11:23
Ah - well i did try the e channelizer thing a few days ago - i couldnt get it working but for what reason i cant remember (as ive been messing around with loads of different apps) ill have to revisit tonight....dont mind how long it takes but it'd be nice to get it working....

20-07-17, 15:23
I may come back here (to this thread for a bit of help) - might have another crack at it tonight....

25-07-17, 13:53
better to convert the .m3u file to bouquets.

then add the converted txt to userbouquets.favourites.tv in /etc/enigma2/

just google convert m3u to enigma2 and go to the first site. then copy and paste the text in the .m3u file into the box and click convert. then copy and paste the resulting text to userbouquets.favourites.tv in /etc/enigma2/.

then restart your box.

P.s take a backup image of your box before you do it.

25-07-17, 16:39
tbh, it's best off using the suls e2m3u2bouquet python file...

This will keep all channels up to date. And then you can edit the tvg-id to allow import of epg from rytec. You can also hide bouquets you don't want, sort the order of files etc... Only thing I'm not sure about is whether you can move channels from one category in the m3u list to another (in terms of the bouquets)...