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14-10-16, 15:58
Hi i installed oscam-latest onto extend et9500 but dosnt seem to work is there one that will work from the plugins feed

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john doe
14-10-16, 16:18
use oscam latest in the feeds

Rob van der Does
14-10-16, 16:22
The softcams on the feeds come without any configuration. If you have problems configuring Oscam, you could flash PLi and install Oscam; it works out of the box as it comes with a (basic) working configuration. You can than safe that config (on your PC), flash ViX, install Oscam from the feeds and use the PLi-config.

14-10-16, 18:23
Is there an ipk i can download as its not in softcam feed and i haven't downloaded it so its not in softcam manager

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john doe
14-10-16, 18:43
it is in the feeds under softcams. if you looking at ipk then use google

14-10-16, 20:21
Ok guys another problem my softcam manager has disappeared used to be when i press blue button on remote id see it and idea how i can add it back?

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14-10-16, 21:28
Are you sure you are running openvix and not openatv?

14-10-16, 21:30
Yes 100%

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14-10-16, 21:33
Are you short pressing the button? if you long press or of the button sticks you end up with the plug ins menu.

14-10-16, 21:35
No its like softcam manager has being deleted from my box
Is there a way i can add it back with an ipk file?

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15-10-16, 06:44
Not unless it is showing under plug ins/ extensions.
I didn't think you could uninstall it in VIX, it is obvious something is wrong with your install.
In some other images you can choose what to install or un-install to make the image lighter.
OpenATV doesn't install the softcam manager at all, that is why i was asking if you was running ATV.
I think you may be better to fresh flash and start again.

abu baniaz
15-10-16, 07:12
You are probably not using a ViX skin. Some Vix plugins were not skinned and generally fell back on to backup skin values used by all OE-A teams.

The backup skin entry values were deleted and the Vix plugins were skinned.

You are probably on an image between these two actions. Perform an online update and this should resolve your issue with Vix plugins such as Softcam Manager not showing.