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22-10-10, 14:51
I'm another cable reject moving over to the SAT scene.
I have loaded the VIX 1.1 image and would know how to load ccCam 2.14 and edit the ccCam.cfg (if there is one) to enter a 'test' cline that I have obtained.
Do I need to use something flashfxp and go into the var/etc folder and edit cccam.cfg?
Help much appreciated.

22-10-10, 15:09
welcome to the forums

kindly before making any other posts read the forum rules (http://www.vuplus-support.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?12-Forum-Rules-and-Info)!!!!

3. Emulator config's can be discussed ONLY on a basic config F,C & N line level, i.e help setting up your CCcam.cfg. No promoting of cardsharing rings.

for the genarl info editing a cfg files needs a text editor on ur pc (notepad) and to got to /var/etc or /etc u need an ftp client like flashxp, filezilla....etc

Mr. Mister
22-10-10, 15:10

Just download cccam 2.1.4 from the download panel in VIX

You will have to add the cfg file manually .. I use Dreambox Control Centre

Just google cccam.cfg and download a cfg file

Open the etc file.. with DCC and ftp the cccam.cfg to etc folder..

Then right click on the cccam.cfg and left click edit.. and all instructions are there for you to edit whatever you want..

Hope this helps..

Before you do this.. you may need to give your VU a password in DCC..

Here are the instructions on what to do to get your password..

Open DCC and as normal make sure all ip`s are correct...
Clear the password in box provided
Press reconnect
Go to telnet
Type "passwd"
You will now be asked for new password.. type your new password
You will be asked to retype your new password.. and the letters you type may not show up.. but all is OK
Now go to configuration page and click on reconnect.

Hope this helps..

22-10-10, 15:12
Normally no CCcam.cfg exist before you make one - but yes...it simply what you do. Manually telnet or ftp to the Duo and create one, adding your C-line to the file.
After that, you can restart the cam. (It wont start without a CCcam.cfg)
And remember the capital letters - they mean something ;)

22-10-10, 15:14
*whoa*...two replies while i was writing mine :eek::lol3:

23-10-10, 13:27
Sorry, What is 'DCC' ? is it a downloadable utility?
And will it work on the Vix 1.1 image?

23-10-10, 13:48
Sorry, What is 'DCC' ? is it a downloadable utility?
And will it work on the Vix 1.1 image?

yes it is and it works on all images

23-10-10, 13:58
DCC = DreamBox Control Center.

26-10-10, 12:45
Thanx guys