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03-09-13, 21:24
Hi all,

Very new at this - quite good with Linux though, but can't figure out this issue (I did see the thread about the EPG issue, saved to the HDD - which I have now done and removed the folder from the etc/enigma2 folder). When I do a df command in telnet, it shows as 56% free (rootfs).

The error I get is :

root@vuduo:~# opkg upgrade
Collected errors:
* parse_from_stream_nomalloc: Excessively long line at 3. Corrupt file?

Also found this happens when I try to install an extension on the unit itself.

Do I need to reflash (bearing in mind this was delivered today...) - or is there anything else I should be looking at?


Rob van der Does
03-09-13, 21:36
Please delete the files in /var/lib/opkg/lists and try again by

opkg update && opkg upgrade

03-09-13, 21:41
Fantastic ... thanks so much - that appears to have kicked it out of the issue - and also thanks for the very swift response!

03-09-13, 21:54
Hmmm ... now I get something else:

root@vuduo:~# opkg update && opkg upgrade
Collected errors:
* opkg_conf_load: Could not lock /var/lib/opkg/lock: Resource temporarily unavailable.

03-09-13, 21:55
(Double post - please delete)

Rob van der Does
03-09-13, 21:58
Hmmm ... now I get something else:

root@vuduo:~# opkg update && opkg upgrade
Collected errors:
* opkg_conf_load: Could not lock /var/lib/opkg/lock: Resource temporarily unavailable.

That might be because of a backgroundcheck being carried out. If the issue persists after a couple of minutes, it's something else. But what ......

Rob van der Does
03-09-13, 22:01
But what ......
Delete the file /var/lib/opkg/lock

04-09-13, 08:20
Thanks again, that worked like a charm.

I've run the code you mentioned at the top but it's taking a long time (a couple of hours) -- but I've noticed the website is running majorly slowly - not sure if this is my ISP or the website is running slow? It can take a good 5 minutes for a page to load, even a number of refershes to get it to work. Anyone else finding it running slow? If not I'll chase my ISP for it.

05-09-13, 18:15
Right - it appears I have numerous issues. This all comes back to why I can't start MiniDLNA I would assume.

First issue:

When I tracert the website, I hit an issue on hop #5

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms routerlogin.net []
2 10 ms 9 ms 10 ms cpc3-sprt2-2-0-gw.know.cable.virginmedia.com [XX.XXX.203.1]
3 8 ms 8 ms 9 ms pres-core-2a-ae12-604.network.virginmedia.net [XX.97.112.165]
4 30 ms 10 ms 13 ms leed-bb-1c-ae12-0.network.virginmedia.net []
5 * * * Request timed out.
6 36 ms 32 ms 32 ms ams2-ic-1-ae0-0.network.virginmedia.net []
7 40 ms 35 ms 30 ms peering.evo.leaseweb.net []
8 27 ms 30 ms 31 ms
9 31 ms 28 ms 26 ms ten2-2.sr7.evo.leaseweb.net []
10 28 ms 26 ms 29 ms server.world-of-satellite.com []

Trace complete.

So not sure if that's causing problems there as when I try to do a opkg update && opkg upgrade command in Telnet it takes a long time to complete, but I think I've found a further issue there.

Second issue:

When I have to crash the Telnet out because it just doesn't appear to do anything and check the ftp of folder /var/lib/opkg/lists and I see a file openvix-mips32el which shows as 1,637,027,840 bytes (which is 1.52gb!) - is that correct??

Here's what just errored out from Telnet:

Welcome to OpenViX for vuduo
openvix 3.0 vuduo

vuduo login: root
root@vuduo:~# opkg update && opkg upgrade
Downloading http://enigma2.world-of-satellite.com/feeds/3.0/vuduo/3rdparty/Packages.gz.
Inflating http://enigma2.world-of-satellite.com/feeds/3.0/vuduo/3rdparty/Packages.gz.
Updated list of available packages in /var/lib/opkg/lists/openvix-3rdparty.
Downloading http://enigma2.world-of-satellite.com/feeds/3.0/vuduo/all/Packages.gz.
Inflating http://enigma2.world-of-satellite.com/feeds/3.0/vuduo/all/Packages.gz.
Updated list of available packages in /var/lib/opkg/lists/openvix-all.
Downloading http://enigma2.world-of-satellite.com/feeds/3.0/vuduo/mips32el/Packages.gz.
Inflating http://enigma2.world-of-satellite.com/feeds/3.0/vuduo/mips32el/Packages.gz.
root@vuduo:~# opkg update && opkg upgrade
Collected errors:
* opkg_conf_load: Could not create lock file /var/lib/opkg/lock: No space left on device.

Third issue:

The ViX image was preinstalled when I bought the unit, I made the mistake of the epg issue filling up the flash - so I moved it to the hard drive and removed the folder from the enigma2 folder - it shows as around 48% free but does the above actually go into the flash? If so there's something wrong there....

A touch frustrated at the moment, things not working as they should :(

09-09-13, 14:56
I've recently had trouble doing upgrades to my Duo which I put down to poor internet access (I think my provider is over subscribed on its 4G network). After persevering, waiting for low usage times and using the Telnet commands above, I've managed to upgrade to build 734.