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02-08-10, 18:52
Hi guys, I would like to install ccccam on my VU+SOLO.

ccccam is not available in the downloadable plugins menu.
cccam is available on the internet in six different formats.

I have tried this one, but if I do this, my VU+ stops at the startup screen:
1) S99-cccam.sh ---> etc/rc3.d/ : 777
2) K01-cccam.sh ---> etc/rc4.d/ : 777
3) CCcam ---> usr/bin/ : 755
4) keys ---> usr/keys/ : 644 (the directory usr/keys does not exist)
5) cccam.cfg ---> etc/ : 644
6) cccam.prio ---> etc/ : 644

...so that does not work...

- as tar.gz file... no idea what to do with that

- astar[1] file... no idea what to do
- a serie of .sh files... that is different from above:


shoot me.. I am lost here!!!



02-08-10, 19:10
Moved to Solo discussion.

Using this image your able to install CCcam via VTI panel http://www.vuplus-support.co.uk/showthread.php?1205-VTi-quot-Vu-Solo-Team-Image-quot-V0.1-1.07.2010-USB-Drivers

02-08-10, 22:53

I installed CCcam, but I saw no change.
Also not after reboot. I have a canaldigital member card in the slot and it is not recognized.

now what... :-(

02-08-10, 22:58
guess u need to edit your cccam.cfg file so the card can be read

02-08-10, 23:09
hahaha.. I really appreceate your help, but editing means I open the file in an editor........

....and then what.....

02-08-10, 23:24
sorry, after more looking, canal digital card doesn't need any modification in the cccam.cfg file

it should be working on its own, may leave it a while so the card gets updated...

02-08-10, 23:26
i have posted on your other thread, but need to know the encrption, to hope fully progress


an after thought, i take it the card is in the reader slot chip down??

02-08-10, 23:30
CD is on conax as i have found out from search

02-08-10, 23:32
well thats that then...it simply should read

so as i posted, is the card in the reader chip down

or..is cccam activated??

03-08-10, 09:13
well thats that then...it simply should read

so as i posted, is the card in the reader chip down

or..is cccam activated??

I have installed CCcam, but I did not see anything "happen".
I have tried my card both sides, since the VU+ manual does not explain how the card should be inserted (4 possibilities) so, It should be with the chip front and down?
so... cccam is.. I gues... "installed", but I have no Idea if it is "activated" and no idea how to do that.

03-08-10, 09:42
Hansham, can you please keep your topic to one thread here to avoid confusion.

I replied here http://www.vuplus-support.co.uk/showthread.php?1186-New-VTi-quot-Vu-Solo-Team-Image-quot-V0.1-1.07.2010-or-official-4.6-Post-feedback-here!&p=9339&highlight=#post9339

Reply back here if this helps or not.

Btw card goes in with chip facing down.

03-08-10, 22:24
The card is in the slot for a few days now, so that does not help. When I look at the slot, the software says slot 1 is empty.
I will go to the shop with the card and have it checked.

04-08-10, 15:29
Problem solved.
The shop owner who activated my Canal+ card forgot to tell me that Canal+ only sends the activation signal until 23:59h. After that I have to go to the website of the provider to re-activate the activation signal. And that day I was still setting up my dish.
So the days after that I connected my receiver, not knowing that there was no signal.
Yesterday I found this out by coincidence. I re-activated on the website, put my receiver on SBS-6 and after approx. 30 minutes the card became active.

But there is one issue: the VU+SOLO interface tells me that the card slot is empty, allthough my Canal+ card is in it and working. That is confusing.
Therefore I thought that I needed cccam as 'driver' to get my cardslot working, which is a mistake.



04-08-10, 15:47
Did you ask where you purchased your card what encryption it uses?

05-08-10, 22:47
This shop owner does not know these things.
I read on the internet it is irdeto of Mediaguard 3 from Seca. CD sends five codes per channel. Or is irdeto something else? This is not my field of expertise. I am a newbie in satelliteland and not a Linux wizard. (but I am learning)
On the forum sat-times.com I see all kinds of keycodes, but I have not figured out yet how to apply them. Can I do that with CCCam only or do I have to buy some expensive Diablo Cam module?

06-08-10, 12:57
Irdeto and Mediaguard 3 are encryptions. I doubt that its Irdeto as you haven't added any extra config lines to CCcam.cfg.

06-01-11, 17:58
I want to reflash my VU+ solo how can i save CCcam (line) and put it back.


06-01-11, 18:17
ftp and get t out of folder /etc

06-01-11, 20:18
If i flash with usb stick, install updates, install ccam from saved places, add bouquet will this be back up or i am missing anything.


06-01-11, 20:54
Yes, but why done you just back up your settings and than reinstall them - this will not save your CFG file though that you will need to do as silver said.

06-01-11, 20:57
how can i backup settings, can i backup to attached hard drive please let me know how can i do it. Thanks

06-01-11, 20:59
Yes you can, if you go into vix and software - its in there back up. not at the VU if yu get stuck will post eact path later on.

06-01-11, 21:10
Just tried box keep crashings, tried setup-vix menu-image manager then green for new backup. Box crashed however i have got an old backup which was done when it was working. When i try to restore old backup box crash again i dont know what is gone wrong.

Hopefully full flash will fix crashig prob.


07-01-11, 13:50
Thats the wrong one your trying to back up the image there and not settings.
Blue button press and than software management and its there back up settings NOT image

07-01-11, 16:09
Stanman, Thanks I have tried as you said and crashed with green screen.
Should i flash it, just thinking if i will be able to put everything back on. Help please if i am wright.

Flash with VIX1.1 via usb-install Ccam and Bouquet - put old cline setting in etc folder. Am i missing anything such as do i have to install EPG or anything else.


07-01-11, 18:49
The only important one is your CFG file everything else you can download and reinstall.
You will need to download via plugin CCCAM and whilst at it you migth as well download the bouquets and picons, you might need to change the locations to your preferred one.

10-01-11, 19:22
i could not flash vu solo through usb with vix1.1 i think because it has already vix1.1

When i tried to reset to factory settings it worked then i updated through software manager, after done updates asked me to press ok to restart and i did.

When restarting it keep saying vu+ starting and not moving from that screen. Any help please......

I tried to switch of the power same again....