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07-01-12, 07:52
DREAM ELITE staff is glad to announce the DMM 3.0 version based on enigma 3.2.1a

The DE 3.0 is based on experimental branch of DMM repository:
The enigma2 plugin repository is based on the latest updated version , still official , that you can find here:


Note: Due to enigma 3.2.1a the usb dtt tuners are working only on FTA channels

Main features of Dream Elite 3.0
Enigma2: 10/11/2011 (3.2.1a)
500 hd: 09/11/2011
800 hd: 09/11/2011
800se : 09/11/2011
8000 : 09/11/2011
7020hd: 21/11/2011

Extra Functions:
- Crossepg 0.6.2
- Dedicate Update Server
- Dedicate Addons Server
- Dedicate DE-EPG (now v.1.02) EPG downloadable from Dream Elite !!
- Dream Elite Manager (now v.2.31)
- Device Manager (now v.2.10)
- Start/Stop Services
- Services Management at boot
- Download of additional languages
- Network browser
- Network mount manager
- Driver smargo
- Driver pcsc 1.8.1
- Driver ccid 1.4.5
- Swap auto-start at boot
- Added compatibility with Barry Allen 6.03 or greater (Thanks Gutemine)

Dream Elite Manager
- Download extensions
- Manual Installation
- De-install
- DeEPG: download epg from DE server (13E, 28,2E)
- Script Exceution
- Crypt URL extra server
- Emu start/stop

Device Manager
- Mount/Umount peripherals
- Format peripherals
- Swap File Management

Button Functions
Button OKx1 = Infobar Light
Button OKx2 = Infobar Extra

Button Blue = Dream Elite Manager
Button Blue x2 = Dream Elite Addons Manager
Button Blue-Long-Push = Extensions
Button Blue+Yellow = Script Executer
Button Blue+Green = Url Cript

Button Red = Start Record

Button Yellow = Time Shift

Button Green-Long Push = Plugins Browser
Button Green+Red = Extensions Management

Thanks to all who partecipated and contributed to the image, testers and staff members.

Special thanks:
Gutemine for Dumbo and Barry Allen
SIFteam - Genge e BOBSilvio for DTT drivers
IHAD - a.key for DVB-T tuner management
Skamann for Crossepg
Reinh@rd for satellites.xml
Spaeleus for translations


12-02-12, 08:59
Dream Elite is glad to announce the new image 010r0 which includes the new enigma release 3.2.2 Included are many fixes, also the USB DTT fix.

DM7020 HD


06-03-12, 03:42


18-03-12, 22:50
In the release 010r4 you will find:

DEManager updated to ver. 2.52
Added panic button switch on/off (see expert panel)
New device info panel with drop down list, system path and storage device functions
New DE News panel with video capability !!
Updated French language for DE panels (thanks Renaud)
Updated German language for DE panels (Thanks WeDoIt)
Updated Greek language for DE panels (Thanks Yanni)
Updated Spanish language for DE panels (Thanks Jose)
New bootlogo by xup12
Small fix for picons install
New feature: VIB view and install the bootlogo you like most !!
Update enigma 3.2.2 ==> 20120309
Update crossepg ==> fd3284ca98c51408aeeac344bc9a2dfd89af2ebf
Drivers updated as of : 18/02/2012
Plugins updated as of : 13/03/2012


25-03-12, 10:44

Awaiting Dream Elite 4.0, the staff prepared a small update:
updated sources to 21/03/2012
fix installation of picons in flash
fix slow scroll in language menu
drivers as of 18/02/2012
plugin as of 23/03/2012


23-07-12, 11:38
enigma2 (20120327 rel32 -> 20120706 rel32)
- updated translations
- some storage manager optimization
- fixed possible epgcache crash
- fixed teletext subtitle crash
- optimized teletext subtitle render quality
- fixed common interface assignment plugin bug
- fixed teletext subtitle selection screen
- fixed skipping backward from live to timeshift
- added expert option "Rotor is exclusively controlled
by this dreambox" to fix slow zapping times between
rotor and non-rotor lnbs (enabled by default)
- fixed tuner resource leak on signal loss
- fixed displaying of multilingual epg descriptions
- improved transponder search speed (skip transponders without usable services)
- fixed possible crash on enigma2 shutdown
- fixed scrollabel for texts longer than a whole page
- updated default favourite list and astra default services
- fixed possible problem with multiple CIs for the same service/provider/caid

enigma2-defaultservices: update astra 19.2 default services

dreambox-dvb-modules: update OE1.6 dreambox hw drivers 20120706
- fixed not working "dm7020hd" remote control with dm800se and dm500hd after fp update
- fixed demux bug
- small CI fix