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  1. Openmb based on Openpli for Miraclebox Premium range
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  3. How to flash a Miraclebox Premium Mini HD.
  4. Setup
  5. Drivers
  6. VFD Display
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  21. usb stick
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  27. Mirclebox viasat
  28. Usb Storage not showing up in FTP
  29. Hd streaming
  30. mgcamd cable and sat at the same time
  31. Users review and Vix team's support question
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  39. Just recived my miraclebox
  40. Miraclebox Premium Mini HD
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  45. Service not found! (SID not found in PAT) in DVB-C
  46. mini box
  47. tuner problems
  48. Parental & Service Pin
  49. Motorised capable?
  50. Miraclebox premium mini hd combo?
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  53. remote control down buttom not working
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  56. Tune failed.
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  59. Unplugging Box at night.
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  66. Wi Fi Adapter
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  68. mgcamd
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  76. Premium Mini HD
  77. can i use back up to send setting to other box
  78. service not found! (SID not found in PAT)
  79. Setup Wizard..
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  81. Miraclebox premium mini hd not booting
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  83. somthing wrong or im stupid HELP PLEASE
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