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  1. Ebay seller kemik777 shame on you!!! Trying to profit from someone's hard work!!!
  2. Warning to three dishonest customers!
  3. Abysmal Service from Filesonic
  4. Ebay Seller zippy832 / kd1631 selling VU+ Solo clones! Everyone please report to ebay
  5. Another ebay seller selling clone Solo! Please report raz_10
  6. Vu+duo@189???? [Warning this is a clone]
  7. Is this a clone ?.
  8. Another Ebay seller, selling cloned Vu's as originals
  9. Ebay clones.
  10. possibly the biggest idiot on ebay ?
  11. Another A hole selling clones as originals
  12. Nextbay stay well clear
  13. Who would pay for this crap! micky-d-2006 your name and shamed!
  14. Naming and Shaming
  15. Ebay user clones
  16. Lava tronics BEWARE!!!! Customer service at its WORST !!!!
  17. Gbtv. AKA Robin M & Pete
  18. Avoid smart_shine eBay seller
  19. what a scammer selling something what is free
  20. Beware of scammers operating on differant forums trading sections