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  1. Please code all external links
  2. Please read the Rules and our Privacy Policy here
  3. Thank you button added to forums
  4. Forum could be up and down today
  5. How to use Quick Reply on the forums
  6. Expect some down time while we look for and move hosts
  7. Read this if your having problems logging in and out
  8. Sorry for the downtime, we're now on a dedicated server
  9. Member's imported from old forums, please correct your birthdays
  10. Sorry that we had to move again
  11. Shoutbox not working after upgrade to pro version
  12. Avatars have been lost
  13. Use the forum 'My Albums' to store screenshots, photos etc..used in posts.
  14. Editing of own posts
  15. Yesterdays downtime
  16. Forum can now also be accessed via www.world-of-satellite.com
  17. Picon section has now been moved from Downloads to General Satellite
  18. Anyone promoting card sharing on this board will receive an instant ban!
  19. Donations - Where the money is going.
  20. Please DO NOT post questions or discussion topics in the download sections!
  21. There will be some downtime over this weekend
  22. New themes added to forum
  23. Whats your favourite theme on the forum?
  24. Forum will be down tomorrow night for approx 24 hours due to server upgrade
  25. Softcam's have been removed from the ViX Team image's plugin feeds
  26. This week's downtime
  27. Changes to Donators user titles
  28. New ViX Image support sections added to forum
  29. Blue Steel Style is broken
  30. Site Rules and Cardsharing Talk
  31. Technology Lounge added to forum
  32. ViX Team Support Centre added to the Forum
  33. Recent donations
  34. Recent downtime
  35. New donations system installed on Forum
  36. Downtime on 28/01/13, Forum, Openvix.co.uk and Feeds will be Offline!
  37. WoS Forum back online and recent downtime explained
  38. Forum registration temporarily closed due to a server issue
  39. Forum upgraded to 4.2.1
  40. Method of posting in ViX Support Section!
  41. Four EASY ways to navigate to ViX Support Centre at a click of a button!
  42. access to private emails
  43. Blocked posts
  44. Recent downtime, apologies to all members
  45. Forum will close Tuesday for 1-2 days due to server move
  46. Unwanted Private Message
  47. Forum upgraded to 4.2.5
  48. error when posting
  49. HTTPS has now been enabled
  50. We've updated our Forum Rules and added a Privacy Policy
  51. Zgemma support coming for new generation 4K receivers