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    I've had a play with a SkyQ LNB today, I can confirm it's FBC with a LO frequency of 10.410GHz. They are Full Band Coverage, ie no band switching, so the full range can be covered with just 2 feeds from the dish (H + V). This was a dedicated SkyQ LNB and not the hybrid, that would need some signalling sent to the LNB to switch it to Q mode, otherwise all 6 outputs are standard Universal.

    I tested with an Ultimo4k with a FBC tuner, it works with a single polarity but as yet, there is no way to tell the 1st input it's a single polarity, eg H or V only with the 2nd input being the opposite polarity. The 2 output standard SkyQ LNB has a single H and a single V output

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    You are describing a Wideband LNB. Can you please not call it an FBC LNB as it just adds confusion for the masses.

    If I am mistaken, please post a link to a datasheet that calls it an FBC LNB.

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