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    VU+ Duo 2 Or Ultimo 4K (DVB-S2 Tuners Only)

    Hello Everybody.

    I am looking to upgrade my Solo 2 to a Duo 2 or Ultimo 4K, so I can use a 3.5 inch drive inside the receiver.
    I would like just the receiver with the tuners no hard drive,if possible but I am open to anything.


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    Big difference between these 2 receivers, the 4K being Arm based (Oscam only) and with FBC tuners.
    <if you really want to stay with Vu+, I think there is a new box on the horizon.
    Gigablue Quad 4K,
    ..........Unicable FBC Tuners:
    .................. A, C-E, G-H -> DUR-Line DCR 5-1-8-L4 Multiswitch 80cm(28.2E)
    .................. B,F -> Spaun SUS 5581/33 NFA Multiswitch to 1.5M (19.2E)
    Mut@nt HD51 DVB-S2 & DVB-S2X tuners using Legacy ports on multiswitches
    Xtrend ET7500 (C/S) into Giga 4K.

    Giga 4K & HD51 run modified latest ViX (HD51/Giga4k with integrated multiboot support)
    ET7500 runs latest ViX

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    Both are excellent receivers but I would go with the Vu+ Ultimo 4K.

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    Vu+ Ultimo 4K with 3TB HDD, Dual FBC (Sat) tuners, 1x Twin Hybrid DVB-C/T/T2 tuner
    Vu+ Solo 4K with 1TB HDD, Dual FBC (Sat) tuners, 1x Hybrid DVB-C/T/T2 tuner
    Vu+ Solo 2 with 1TB HDD 'White Edition', 2x DVB-S2 tuners
    Mut@nt HD2400 with 1TB HDD, 4x DVB-S2 tuners
    Fixed 28.2E Technomate 65cm Mesh Satellite Dish with Inverto Unicable II/JESS LNB and Inverto Unicable Splitter
    Fixed 28.2E Sky Zone 1 45cm Satellite Dish with Octo LNB
    (All receivers installed with the latest Dev build)

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    Ultimo 4K is a very good receiver but with 2 disadvantages over the Duo2:
    1. No WOL only WOWL (Wake on WLan) which is no so wide supported as WOL.
    2. you cannot use the internal WiFi as an AP if you have cable connection to your network.

    So U4K is very good but not perfect. I would also buy the U4K again and not the Duo2 alone because of speed and FBC.

    Sat:VU+ Ultimo4K/Solo4K/Duo2/2*Solo2/Ultimo
    Remote: Harmony 200, 700, Link, Smart Control, Smart Companion, Elite, 2*Ultimate, Keyboard

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    i am thinking about selling my duo2 it has 2x hybrid cable tuners also installed (so acts like 4 tuners) it also has a 2TB WD red HDD already installed
    1 of the hybrid tuners i added to the duo2 mid October with a cost of £70

    if i was to say sell what kind of money would you be offering?

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