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    Smile Kane in Lviv (Ukraine) says hello

    Hello one and all.

    I've joined this forum as I am considering investing in a satellite TV setup.
    I am currently living & working in Lviv (Ukraine) for one year, and I miss hearing the English language!

    I have no prior experience in sat-TV. So I will probably start some threads in various forums on the following themes:

    (1) Suggested satellites - currently contemplating Astra 19.2E + Astra 28.2E + HotBird 13.0E (last one for local DTV)
    (2) Suggested external hardware - most homes have an 80+ cm dish + 2-3 LNBs
    (3) Suggested STB - currently eyeing Xtrend 7500 or Edison OS Mini
    (4) Info on cards - I have no knowledge in this area at all

    I mainly want to watch UK channels (e.g. BBC, ITV for news & entertainment) or USA channels (e.g. PBS).
    I also enjoy "foreign" movies, so Canal+ might be useful (anything with EN subtitles).
    I don't follow football (soccer) but I do like to watch Tour de France also F1.
    I love HD. I won't record often, but a twin-tuner STB is a must. HotBird 13 would provide local DVB-T equivalency methinks.
    I prefer FTA of course, but I don't mind paying for subscription channels. (Which makes Sky, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nat Geo etc. worth considering.)

    So (!) if you have any thoughts, or (easier) can provide links to posts which answer these Qs already, I'd welcome the info.
    Especially info on cards (e.g. CA, CI), how they work, who sells them, how many are needed in practice etc.

    Thanks in advance for reading, and contributing to such a useful website.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    You will not receive 28.2E where you are for any of the FTA channels such as BBC or ITV .... I,m on the boundary point with a 1.5Metre dish and even a 1.8M gets you not much further East of a vertical line going through Munich
    Mut@nt HD51 ViX plus HD51 multiboot support for Images 1->4
    Xtrend ET8500 ViX plus Multiboot support OS1/OS2 image
    Xtrend ET7500 (standard ViX image)

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    As Twol said, you won't get BBC ITV from 28.2 in Ukraine, but you could stream them with iptv if you've got a decent internet speed.

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