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    Sly Multi LNB (4 way) possibly faulty...** Help Required **

    Hello All,

    I have a standard Sly dish with a 4 way LNB on it, however over the last few weeks, I have been getting the message tune failed on 2 of my TVs that I mostly watch. It goes from SNR 99% to tune failed in an instant, then can stay off for seconds, or even a few minutes.

    Do these go faulty, is there a way to test them, and are they easy to replace (I can get to it easy enough), if so what is the best option and how...??

    THanks All for any help / guidance offered.


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    your dish may have moved slightly of. don't change anything, maybe worth getting a sat signal gadget to see if if it moved. the slightest nudge will knock of signall or cause signal to jump around

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    yes they go faulty. easy enough to change. before you buy, test receiver on another dish.

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    Or it could be some Line of sight issue with something blowing in front of the dish being as it drops in and out randomly. Check for any trees that might have grown an extra foot or something in the path also.
    Also depending on route of cables check for water ingress, especially if its just been lobbed over the roof etc.

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