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    Lraizer Autobouquets E2 UK Cable

    I have moved the old versions of Lraizer's cable plugin to this thread for the benefit of those who want to see the changes/development progress.

    The latest version of the plugin for downloads is in this thread. This thread is in teh downloads section. Start a support thread if you need to.

    Please do not confuse this with AutoBouquetsMaker by the OE Alliance or the Satellite version by Lraizer.

    To install:
    Transfer ipk to the /tmp directory
    You can then install by remote.
    Blue button > Vix > install local extension

    The plugin requires DVBsnoop. This will be installed automatically if the image's plugin server "feeds" is available to you.
    If you cannot access the plugin server, you will have to dvbsnoop.

    Initial setup:
    Plugin must be run while on an active cable channel. BBC Two is a good one to use, but any will do.
    Attached is a screenshot of a possible tuner configuration. You do not need to scan everything. Just one or two transponders until you have a channel you can tune to.

    Make sure you are on a cable channel. Start AutoBouquetsCable. Select your Net ID from the drop down menu.
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