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Thread: Media Boxes

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    No 24fps, all gets speeded up to 60hz, not the correct way to watch a 'film'
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    Suggestions ?

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    See the new Venz K1 4K Android box, runs Android 5.1.1 http://www.world-of-satellite.co.uk/...ull-4K-support
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    by the sounds of it you already have plenty of films that you load onto a 2tb HDD and pass it on
    the most easiest way to pass theses films on (i guess you store them yourself) would be via PLex you create a Plex server on your PC then add your movies stored location (mine are on my NAS) to you Plex server
    Plex will then scan and add movies info and cover for you (it can be picky if you have named them wrong) once thats done
    at your sister in laws you will need a device Plex can be installed onto (there are loads to chose from Amazon fire sticks to xbox 360's even smart tv's can do it) some maybe better than other but i have had no issues with Amazon sticks Samsung smart tv ruko sticks and web browsers
    once you choose your device log in as you and thats it your movies are there
    if you add a new movies to you movie collection in the set location it will update Plex automatically same as if you remove a movie it will remove it from Plex

    i do this for the in laws as they are not techy at all and they use a Amazon fire stick and have never had a issue using it

    there is 1 downside if your PC is the Plex server when you turn off the PC Any Plex device will not find the Plex server and will not work a small price considering how easy the set up is and how cheap it is also
    you could build a Plex server that runs 24/7 but TBH i belive the cost would go to about £200/250 for a good spec one

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