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    "Premium UHD" logo & specification to be unveiled at CES 2016

    CES 2016 is approaching fast. In Las Vegas, the UHD Alliance - consisting of TV manufacturers, Hollywood studios and content distributors - will reveal their "Premium UHD" specification and logo, which will separate the wheat from the chaff. (from : )
    Interesting that some LCD manufacturers had pushed to set the level for maximum nits so high that the current OLED TVs would not qualify (now I wonder who that could be - & who would benefit most? )

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    Good one - manufacturers want to "help" consumers by arguing for ultra bright screens which not only mean they are trying to artificially call all present screens obsolete on a brightness technicality so as to drive flagging screen sales (manufacturers looking for a killer app sales point) but if they get their ultra bright screens does that mean sunglasses or welders goggles will be needed to look at the screen - funny how manufactures seldom discuss the bit depth a screen is capable of displaying - you only see that output setting on some high end Blu-ray (etc.) players.

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