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    Glastonbury - Any Feeds ?!?!

    Hello All,

    Anyone know if there are any feeds for Glasto? Or where would be the best place to find them.

    None on google.... not that I oculd find anyway.

    Also, there are different feeds 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 --- what does this mean- I have a Extrend 9000 what can that get - anyone know?


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    Glastonbury 2015 x 4 feeds

    12.5 West

    11083 V 3270 5/6 Other Stage
    11093 V 4999 3/4 Peel Stage 4:2:2
    11099 V 4999 3/4 Other Stage 4:2:2
    11105 V 4999 3/4 Pyramid Stage 4:2:2

    Credit goes to daveondisc

    Vu+DUO 2 [OE-Alliance-4.0 Firmware 5.0-008-Build Oscam-r11279][with keys]
    Vu+DUO [OE-Alliance-4.0 Firmware 5.0-008-Build MGcamd]
    Vu+SOLO SE [OE-Alliance-4.0 Firmware 5.0-008-Build MGcamd]
    Vu+ZERO [OE-Alliance-4.0 Firmware 5.0-008-Build MGcamd]

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