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    Oneplus one Screen Repair

    dropped my phone yesterday bloody smashed to smitherines, can still see display under smashed glass, i did have a cover and glass protector on also,
    Insurance will only pay like for like as the oneplus is hard to get hold of....

    anyone know of any repairers in uk that deals with these, you can buy the parts for around 60 pounds but im absolute useless....

    or should i jump ship cover my losses and buy a Redmi or another chinese phone

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    Buy the parts and do it yourself there will be guides on YouTube its normally quite easy

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    "easy" is a looonnnng bit of string !!!

    The front glass is usually glued onto the digitiser, so requires a heat gun - Ive tried a hairdryer and trashed two phones trying, and Im very experienced with electronics, Id be loathed to try again.

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    You normally will need a special jig with a sort of razor wire to seperate the 2 parts so don't waste your time. And don't believe those videos showing a digitiser being pulled off with a suction pad after being heated with a hairdryer. You would buy a new phone for similar money.
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