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    Problem getting a Tenda W150M to work with a Mac


    I recently bought a Tenda W150M (from World of Satellite of course) to connect my Vu+ Duo wirelessly to my router (Client + AP mode). Unfortunately the instructions for doing this and the accompanying wizard are for Windows - and I have a Mac. Are there any Mac owners who have managed to crack this one? It would be great to hear from you.

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    Read the guide here http://www.world-of-satellite.com/sh...-all-Receivers Dont see a problem with it working with a mac as its a web based setup.
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    im having problems with my tenda w150m on an et9000. is this the right spot to ask for some help? it was working fine with the bt home hub 3, but i changed my router to a draytek vigor 2750n. the tenda w150m says its connected to the draytek, and the et9000 confirms it in the network adapter settings, but when i go to software update, the box tells me that the internet connection isnt setup properly. none of the network functions work. they were all functioning fine before i changed the router. i have an et9200 conneted via LAN cable to the draytek, and everything works fine including FTP to the box and making changes. whereas the wireless box, although i can access it via FTP, i cant make any changes. i just get error. please help somebody. thanks.

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